Emily has received basic acting training from Professor of Theatre Arts Connie Rotunda. She has also gone through introductory fight choreography training with John Patrick Hayden. 

Emily has over five years of experience with various power tools and saws found in the typical scene shop (i.e. table saw, routers, drills/impact drivers, hand saws, etc.) She also has roughly one year of working theatrical rigging knowledge under her belt. Her training in both of these areas comes from Chris Noble, former technical director at SUNY New Paltz and now technical designer at PRG. 

Emily spent all four years of college at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She spent a summer session abroad at the University of Limerick, SUNY New Paltz's sister school. There she studied Modern Irish Theatre with Professor Jack Wade. She also has Photoshop and Vectorworks experience from Jack Wade's lighting design course.

Emily has directing and thorough play analysis experience from Professor Catherine Doherty. From Catherine, she gained her exceptional stage management experience, as well as from colleagues throughout college and the professional world such as Molly Sharples, Christine LaBoy, Kara Hinkley, Theresa Siobhan Carroll, and Michael Seelbach.

Emily has basic audio engineering and sound design training from Sun Hee Kil, associate sound designer of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Emily is also familiar with ProTools and QLab, and can put together such sessions in a pinch. 

Emily worked with set designer and professor Ken Goldstein for her senior capstone class in the fall of 2018. Here, she gained even more photoshop experience. You can view her past projects under the portfolio tab. 

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed.

No matter.

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

― Samuel Beckett

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